Full-stack web developer needed

06 Feb 2024 - Chris Abraham

EV bus image

We are currently searching for a web developer to work with us on a part-time basis over two months. The objective is to develop an online web application for EV-Fleet-Sim. EV-Fleet-Sim currently is a simulation software that is run on a local machine, using a text-based interface (terminal).

We are therefore looking for a developer to deliver a web app which executes the various simulation steps of EV-Fleet-Sim through a user-friendly interface. The developer will be responsible for the design and development of the web-app, as well as specifying the API calls needed from the EV-Fleet-Sim backend. We, the client, will be responsible for the actual implementation of the API and backend services.

More detailed specifications will be provided on request or over the course of the contract.

The contract will commence on 19 February 2024, and the web app is to by completed by 19 April 2024. An additional “maintenance period” of two weeks after completing the project will also be governed by the contract. The remuneration for completing the project will be ZAR 15 000, including tax.

To apply, contact Chris Abraham (email) by 13 February 2024, or alternatively, visit our LinkedIn job listing.

Edit 2024-02-19: The position has been filled. Thank you to all who applied.