The future of ev-fleet-sim

24 Jul 2023 - Chris Abraham

EV bus image

We are looking for a new developer to drive ev-fleet-sim to new frontiers. From 2024, I will be stepping down from the wheel, to pursue my personal goals. In order to keep this project going, we are investing into this software to expand our revenue stream. We want to invest into a developer who is business-minded and talented. Ideally, he/she should be interested in the field of data-analytics and electric-vehicles. ev-fleet-sim is a startup, which means that the possibilities are endless. Although there is a little risk in working for a tech startup, it will earn you valuable experience, while earning you attractive equity options (if the company succeeds under your care). The job’s timeline is roughly as follows1:

  1. Aug–Dec 2023: Onboarding

    The codebase of ev-fleet-sim will be introduced to the candidate. The candidate will need an understanding of Python and Git. The known-issues and the goals regarding the development of the software will be explained. A few small projects will be done together with the candidate to solve real-world problems for real-world customers. This work is part-time, will be conducted online, and will be unpaid, but will unlock access to the next stage which is paid.

    The next stage is subject to external investment. There is a good chance of obtaining this investment. However, the candidate will need to realise that there is a small risk that the company may be hindered from progressing to the next stage if this investment is not procured.

  2. Jan–Dec 2024: Probation

    The candidate will be hired full-time for the year 2024. He/she will need to develop a graphical front-end for ev-fleet-sim and deploy it as a commercialised SaaS web app. Additionally, the candidate will implement feature requests, and analyse and interpret results for customers. This stage will be full-time and a salary will be paid at a rate matching entry-level South African data-analytics jobs. At the end of this year, the candidate will be given a number of options. The candidate can either continue in the company, earning equity and taking increasing ownership of the company, or he/she may exit the company without any obligations.

  3. Jan 2025 and beyond: (If the candidate desides to stay.) Series funding

    Every year, until the business reaches a steady state, the progress and economic sustainability of the startup will be evaluated. Depending on the performance of the company in the previous year, there is a good chance of obtaining substantial investment to develop the company in the subsequent year. The candidate has the option of continuing his/her involvement in the company, profiting from his/her share of equity, and possibly earning more equity, or to sell his/her equity and take up a number of exit options.

Details surrounding exit options, risk, salaries, etc. will be disclosed in the final round of interviews, as they are of a confidential nature. To apply for this position, please contact Chris Abraham (the current lead developer) via email.

  1. All information indicated on this page is for information purposes only, and is not legally binding on the author or any affiliates of the ev-fleet-sim company.